Corporate FAQs

Does Green Birdie Productions produce live on location video business presentations?

Yes. GBP can produce one camera and multi-camera live video presentations, either streaming them on Ustream, or recording them live and editing them for quick distribution to the internet or to dvd.

How does Green Birdie Productions use their green screen studio for corporate video presentations?

GBP’s green screen is a great venue for “how to” presentations for corporations, and we do a lot of them here! We can change out the background to highlight a business logo, promote specific products, or add interesting location backgrounds. We also have full tele-prompter capability to help business spokespersons present their products clearly and concisely in a timely manner. We also have professional narrators and on-camera spokespersons businesses can choose from to best present their product or service in their corporate videos.

How much experience does Green Birdie Productions have producing Video News Releases (VNR’s)?

GBP founder Rob Bell spent over twenty five years in the broadcast television news business in the #1 New York demographic market. He now uses that wealth of experience producing, shooting and writing local news presentations to create compelling video news releases (VNR’s) with quick turnaround time, enabling businesses to get their announcements, opening presentations and business releases out to the public quickly and informatively. Rob also has great contacts at all three local television stations in the New York market, WWOR-TV, FOX-TV, and WPIX-TV, to help get GBP produced VNR’s on the air at no charge to the client.

Can Green Birdie Productions also produce animated effects, power point presentations, and/or videos that rely heavily on photographs and music?

Yes to all of the above! We can create both two and three dimensional animated effects, full power point presentations for video, and dynamic, eye catching photographic video presentations. We have a full library of royalty free music businesses can choose from, and can also create original music for corporations. Call us today for a free quote!
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