Commercials FAQs

How do I get a commercial on local cable, and which channels do I want to be on?

Green Birdie Productions has been creating high definition commercials for local businesses since 2007. We have contacts with the local cable channels and can direct you to the proper agents who can discuss with you the best channels to showcase your commercial(s).

I don't know the first thing about producing a commercial. How does it work?

Green Birdie Productions handles all the details based on your stated preferences and goals. We are a full service video production company, which means we do the script writing, the story boarding (shot sequencing), talent procurement, venue procurement, production staff and equipment, and editing services. We walk you through what you need to provide to us to make your commercial the best!

Why should I use Green Birdie Productions instead of just going directly to the cable company?

Unlike the local cable company which outsources their commercial work to third party vendors, Green Birdie Productions is your local video production company, easily accessible and anxious to create a great commercial for you. Video subcontractors have no incentive to work with you on quality or price, and tend to add on extra fees for client requests. Green Birdie Productions tells you the price up front, offers a free re-edit of each commercial after client review, and does a lot of other things for you to make a good impression. We care about our reputation and hope you give us referrals for quality work.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to get my commercial made with the cable company than with Green Birdie Productions?

Actually, the opposite is true. It is cheaper to get your commercial made with us because we custom create your commercial for the lowest price so you won't have to compromise on your commercialÕs quality. The cable company may tell you they will throw the video in if you buy a certain amount of programming time, but they just bury the production cost in your total bill. Cable company subcontractors also will go directly to you, the buyer, with extra charges above the initial cable company contract for everything from story boarding to script writing to re-edits, while Green Birdie Productions tells you the full price for our services upfront. Unlike the subcontractors, we also provide you with a copy of the commercial you can upload to the web and embed in your website. You own the rights to your commercial, not us, and if you want the raw footage we will get it to you for a small dubbing fee. Try to get those terms from the cable company's subcontractor!

Do you make a profit by referring me to cable company representatives and uploading my commercial(s) to them?

Green Birdie Productions does not charge any fees for either referring your business to a cable company representative or for handling your cable company commercial upload. We handle the referral only to ensure that you get the best rates with the cable company.
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